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Backing digital transformation in Egypt

We invest in inspiring founders who leverage local engineering talent helping them scale with our extensive global network

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Cubit Ventures is an early stage venture fund backing tech startups driving digital transformation in Egypt.

We invest in inspiring founders who leverage local engineering talent, helping them scale with our extensive global network.

Cubit Ventures is capitalising on Egypt’s imminent economic ascent coupled with an accelerated digital adoption across all sectors.

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Co-founder & Senior Advisor


Paul is an entrepreneur turned globe trotting investor. He has 3 startups under his belt and has subsequently co-founded 6 funds across 4 continents. Through the multiple funds he helped create, Paul participated as an investor or advisor in the seed/series A rounds of 200+ companies. This includes holdings in billion-dollar companies like Uber, Stripe, Niantic (Pokemon Go), Unity, and Zappos. Paul supports with the fund strategy and portfolio companies' growth strategies.

He travels around the world to give lectures on venture capital and is an advisor to governments on their technology and entrepreneurship policy including Philippines, Singapore, Brazil and Tanzania.


The ancient Egyptian royal cubit is the earliest attested standard measure.  

Mastering measurement was a key to the success of the ancient Egyptian empire. The power of measurement is that it created order out of chaos and allowed civilisation to flourish.  


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Cubit Ventures has a strategic relationship with the Founder Institute, with access to the world's largest network of mentors and investors (14,000+), and a global network of 4000 companies ($20B portfolio value) across over 200 cities.

The Founder Institute (FI) is the world's largest pre-seed accelerator. Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 65 countries.

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We look for

Great timing
Great complementary team
Offer a killer solution to existing problems
Achieved some product-market fit
Early traction with MoM growth in key metrics
Large growing market with ability to scale to a global level
Tech talent on core team

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An asset light logistics tech company that manages and executes logistics of FMCGs from raw material to retail shelves with the least cost per case

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An AI-assisted teleradiology platform operating across 10 countries, helping save lives by enhancing output accuracy and reducing report delays



An online tech skills education/training provider providing mass access to quality technical education

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A collaborative lending and saving solution through an integrated marketplace availing BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) in the format of the Consumer ROSCA (Rotating Savings and Credit Associations) model with offers and exclusive discounts.

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Supporting companies that make us proud of what they do

  • Helping local companies scale globally capitalizing on our expansive global networks

  • Backing Egyptian startups will be instrumental to tech talent brain-drain reduction

  • We believe that startups are the primary vehicle for innovation and job creation in Egypt

  • In search for startups where the solution directly creates impact for low and middle-income communities

  • In search for solutions that enable financial inclusion across different socio-economic segments

  • In search for solutions that expand healthcare or education access and/or brings costs down

  • We believe that making money and making a positive impact on the world doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive, so we prefer startups with a socially responsive mindset

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